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Orange Scented Pod Bundle (25L)

Orange Scented Pod Bundle (25L)

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Attach these scented pods to your Flavorie bottle to help you drink more water. When sipping, your nose picks up scent but your brain perceives flavour. This pack of orange scented pods transforms at least 25 litres of water into a tasty orange beverage. Attach the scented pod to your Flavorie water bottle and pull upwards to activate.

How does it work?

80% of what you taste comes from your nose. When you drink from our bottle, your nose picks up scent but your brain translates it into flavor, even though you are only drinking water! Scientists call this retronasal smell.

Does it come with flavor pods?

Each water bottle comes with 2 random flavor pods which adds flavor to 10L of water. A full list of our flavors can be found here.

Shipping time?

It takes 1-2 business days for us to process your order and 1-7 business days for your product to arrive to you. Products may arrive before the posted estimated date.

30-Day return policy

Flavorie offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all Flavorie water bottles. We want you to love our products, but understand if you need something different.

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